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  • Gaged for ultra fast charging!
  • Underneath is an extra TPE cover for extra protection!
  • Unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Perfect for gaming or work in a fast-paced world.



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Unlike other USB-to-C cables, this is engineered with a super protective ballistic nylon weave cloth to prevent breaking, cracking, dislocation, etc.. It's virtually unbreakable!
At 1m or 3 feet long, you’ll be able to easily and comfortably reach your outlet or device for multi-usage.
Gaged for USB-to-C fast charging, no more waiting long periods of time to charge your device.
Super-fast data transfer perfect for gaming or work in a fast-paced world.
Perfectly compatible for the following Apple devices: iPhone14/max/mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8plus, iPhone 7/7plus, iPhone 6/6plus, iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE, iPad 4, iPad Air/Air2, iPad Pro, iPad!
New bent ‘elbow’ design for a comfort grip while in use. No more sore hands & fingers!
Literally millions of people want and need this amazing new cable. Get yours right now before someone else snatches the last one!
You're covered by our Unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee: if the cable ever fails, we'll replace it free (just pay the shipping cost).
Warning: Supplies Are Limited And This Offer May End At Any Time!

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Richard Halbert

14 February 2023
Color: Black     Style:Active

I'm an active gaming fanatic so I'm constantly needing to charge my iphone. The default cable that comes with your iphone hurts my hands when I hold it for long periods. This smooth, bent elbow design is awesome!

Jimmy Coleman

21 April 2023
Color: Black     Style:Active

I'm always on the go and with my business lifestyle I'm constantly using my iphone to get the job done. If the battery dies and I miss a phone call or an email or text message, that's a lost sale for me. I go through charging cables like I change my socks which gets expensive over time LOL. I really appreciate this free cable. Thank you!

Mattie Warren

08 March 2023
Color: Black     Style:Active

You weren't exagerating when you said it was more durable then the normal charging cable, and it really does transfer data to my itunes account really fast.

Cinthia Bailey

24 May 2023
Color: Black     Style:Active

It's free, free, free! Why would I NOT get one? LOL

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